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Our Services

Consulting and Advice
PWS can provide you with practical, professional and expert advice on weed problems and issues which you are facing in your enterprise or on your property, as well as editing and technical advice on your written work. The years spent providing such advice at state and local government level, gives PWS weed consultant Greg Brown an advantage over the average environmental consultant. Advice on legislative responsibilities and compliance is a particular speciality.

Surveys and Inspections
PWS can undertake detailed weed surveys for reasons such as pre-purchase inspections, compliance inspections, declared weed inspections, environmental impact studies and assessments, property management planning, bushland restoration planning, and funding applications. Previous experience with state and local government in undertaking extensive weed inspections and surveys, coupled with a large weed knowledge-base means that even the more obscure and relatively unknown weeds are captured in surveys undertaken by PWS.

Control Options & Recommendations
The provision of practical, effective and cost-saving solutions for your weed problems is a corner-stone of the PWS philosophy. Solutions can be tailored to your particular situation, capacity, timeframes and goals and aspirations, utilising holistic integrated weed and land management approaches. This can be as simple as options to control a particular type of weed, through to complex whole-of-property integrated programs.

Management Planning
PWS’s extensive experience in the facilitation and development of pest plant and animal management plans at the property, catchment, regional and state levels, means that you can be assured of an end product of the highest quality providing realistic and achievable results for your particular situation. A benefit of PWS is our training and background in natural area management and work history in rural areas, means that a comprehensive management plan can be developed which integrates many elements of best practice land management.

Workshops, awareness sessions and practical training can be customised to meet your needs. Practical weed control, legislative considerations, weed identification and herbicide usage and management are specialities of PWS. These can be tailored to different audiences; from school children to community groups, landholders and government officers.

Education & Awareness
PWS can provide high quality, creative education and awareness solutions and products to clients on a range of weed and related issues. We can develop educational tools and materials (e.g. presentations, brochures, manuals, handbooks, etc.) aimed at all levels of the community. 

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