Recent Projects


Below are just a couple of the more recent projects undertaken by Professional Weed Solutions.

Project:    Herbicides and How They Work
Client:      SEQ Catchments, Land for Wildlife
Date:        July 2010
Delivery of full day training to SE Queensland Land for Wildlife Extension Officers on herbicides - how they work, why they work, and how to make the best decisions when making recommendations to landholders.

Project:    Coolum Landfill Site Weed Management Plan
Client:      J.J. Ricchards & Sons
Date:        August 2010
Development of a plan of management including site assessment, issues identification, management and control actions, and ongoing considerations for the control and management of weeds in the area formerly used as the Coolum landfill. The plan will form a basis for on-going management of the site by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

Project:    Community Partnerships Day
Client:      Logan City Council, Conservation Incentives Program
Date:        October 2010
Presentation of herbicide awareness and information to over 100 conservation partnership landholders, as well as providing a one-on-one weed identification and control option session.

Project:    Weed Factsheet Development
Client:       Sunshine Coast Regional Council
Date:        Current
Development of over 30 new weed factsheets to build upon the range of weed factsheets presented in the Weed Awareness and Information Kit (CD).

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