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Greg Brown with Sunshine Coast Regional Council releasing cats claw creeper biocontrolGreg has studied and worked in the field of natural area management for over 25 years. He has qualifications in natural resource management and parks management, and a varied work history across New South Wales and Queensland including bush regeneration, conservation area management, vegetation management policy, community education and engagement and weed and feral animal control, coordination and planning, at both the Local and State Government levels.

Weeds and feral animals have become his field of expertise, stemming from 15 years working with the Queensland Department of Natural Resources (now DPI - Biosecurity QLD) and Caloundra City Council / Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

Greg has proven experience in all aspects of pest plant management, including: 

  • Planning and implementing weed control projects
  • Undertaking weed survey and assessments
  • Implementing and monitoring weed control research
  • Conducting weed auditing and legislative compliance programs
  • Providing expert advice in legal prosecution cases
  • Development of weed management plans at the farm level, cathchment level, local government level, regional level and state level
  • Identifying weed populations and providing management and control advice and information
  • Developing and delivering professional and community education and awareness products, programs and training
  • Providing expert advice as a member of strategic planning working groups and committees
  • Planning, coordinating and presenting weed workshops, symposia and conferences

He also works in collaboration with other environmental firms, engineering firms, town planners and landscape architects, and state and local government officers, researchers and managers.

Greg has also had an extensive practical background in the control and management of pest and feral animals, including wild dogs, foxes, feral pigs, wild deer, Indian myna birds, rabbits and locusts – both in urban, conservation and rural settings.



  • Bachelor of Natural Resource Management (Parks and Wildlife) – University of New England
  • Associate Diploma of Park Management (Outdoor Recreation) – Charles Sturt University


  • ACDC herbicide application licence – company and commercial operators licences
  • MUTCD (Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices) trained, Department of Main Roads
  • Member of the Australian Association of Bush Regenerators
  • Member of the Queensland Weed Society

Past Lives 

  • Park Worker, Illawarra State Recreation Area carrying out natural area management programs.
  • Bush Regeneration Officer, Sydney undertaking natural area restoration of bushland, riparian and aquatic habitats.
  • Strategic Weed Control Officer, Brisbane implementing weed control programs against serious weed incursions across Queensland.
  • Regional Inspector, Mackay facilitating large-scale property weed management plans throughout central Queensland.
  • Land Protection Officer, Caboolture coordinating and facilitating regional programs for weed and feral animal awareness, compliance, control and management across state government, local government, private landholders, community and industry.
  • Vegetation Management Policy Officer, Brisbane providing policy and legislation guidance and advice for vegetation clearing activities.
  • Pest Management Coordinator, Caloundra City Council / Sunshine Coast Regional Council managing the weed and feral animal programs throughout Council, undertaking community education and awareness, leading regional pest management planning processes and developing local government pest management planning, procedures and practices.

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