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Professional Weed Solutions (PWS) is an independent consultancy providing a wide range of weed management services to the greater south-east Queensland region and beyond.

After habitat loss, weeds are recognised as the second greatest threat to biodiversity and the largest issue facing farmers in their day to day land management activities.

PWS specialises in providing practical and cost effective solutions for weed management issues across all environments, landscapes and landuses, and to all types of land owners and managers – private landholders, developers, community groups and government (local, state and federal).

Greg Brown is helped by Weedie the Weed at a community event
PWS is a Sunshine Coast based business, owned and operated by Greg Brown, a well known weed expert and specialist weed consultant with many years of experience and a network of connections throughout the environmental management industry.

His professional career in pest plant and animal management, spanning over 25 years, provides PWS a solid background in the holistic and integrated management of weeds and the provision of best management practice information and advice.

Professional Weed Solutions aims to focus on practical and timely approaches for the effective management of weeds to reduce their impacts, balanced with the need for triple bottom line accountability – economic, environmental and social outcomes.





PWS strengths include:

  • High credibility in the field of pest plant and animal management
  • Strong client focus
  • Excellent project management skills
  • A thorough understanding of pest plant and animal, environmental and associated legislation
  • Good working relationship with local and state government authorities
  • Exceptional technical knowledge and abilities
  • Proven communication, community engagement and consultation skills
  • Bringing practical solutions to weed problems and land management issues
  • High quality and independent advice
  • Working natural area management expertise


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